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Introducing CIP Builder:
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Elevate Your CIP Program

CIP Builder provides many benefits for cities and agencies over messy spreadsheets & documents
for developing, tracking and reporting on their CIP Programs

“Agencies that sign-up to use CIP Builder get a stress-free, user-friendly system to support their CIP application process, allowing their management team to focus on more productive and fun tasks such as strategic planning & analysis. The result is usually a better CIP and Budget.”

Custom Web-Based Forms

CIP Builder’s web-based forms simplify data input, provide context to applications and support decision making.

Easy & Intuitive Data Input

CIP Builder provides pull-down choices, check boxes, validation & logic for easy, consistent, error-free input. Prompting-text, tool-tips and on-line help ensure that users are never lost, confused or frustrated.

Upload Photos & Documents

CIP Builder includes the ability to upload photos & documents to support funding requests, provide context, and add pizazz to applications.

Supports Collaboration & Decision Making

Discussion sections within each CIP application allow applicants & support staff to log comments and decisions regarding the CIP application, thereby facilitating collaboration and understanding if questions arise or personnel change in the future.

Informative Dashboards

Role-specific dashboards provide overviews & insights into the CIP application process and promote organizational awareness.

Displays Your CIP Applications and Others

Role-specific dashboards display your CIP applications and those created by other groups and departments, depending on pre-defined functional access.

Highlights CIP Applications Needing Support

Dashboards identify CIP applications that have requested support for scoping, cost estimating, and/or scheduling from pre-defined support groups, so that management within those groups can assign resources.

Promotes Coordination & Awareness

Informative dashboards facilitate coordination and understanding by identifying support staff assigned to CIP applications. Organizational awareness is also improved when everyone can see what others are working on under the Program Level dashboard.

Powerful Reporting

Built-in & custom reports enable management to monitor the proposed CIP budget during the application period and recommend adjustments early-on, thus avoiding wasted time and resources.

Real-Time Monitoring & Analysis

CIP Builder includes standard and custom reports that can be produced with just a few clicks, enabling management to monitor the CIP process while it’s on-going and make adjustments if needed.

Produce Polished Final Reports

CIP Builder’s reporting engine can produce sophisticated polished final reports, suitable for review by the CIP Committee and for publishing in official budget documents.

Never Settle for Out-Dated Information

With the available Office Plug-in, the full capabilities of MS Excel can be available on the desktop for powerful ad-hoc analysis, ensuring that management will never have to settle for out-dated information again.

Engaging Charts & Graphs

Visually engaging charts & graphs provide actionable insights into developing budget trends and help communicate performance regarding community & organization goals.

Powerful Charts & Graphs

Gain actionable insights into developing budget trends with visually engaging charts & graphs that are designed to communicate detailed financial data in an easy-to-understand format.

Ensure Alignment with Community Goals

Monitor your developing CIP program to ensure alignment with community & organization goals, and gain the appreciation of your Council or Board members by providing timely updates on matters of vital importance to them.

Identify & Communicate Long-Term Trends

Once sufficient data is archived in the system, year-over-year and longer-term trends can be surfaced to guide future policy, budgeting, and operational decisions.

GIS & Web Mapping

Engage your audience, both internal and external, with delightful GIS-based Story Maps of your proposed CIP program.

Dynamic GIS-Based Mapping

Automatically generate GIS-based online maps of the proposed CIP program using data entered by applicants as a baseline. Maps can be further refined if needed prior to publishing online.

Tell a Story

Engage your audience with beautifully crafted Story Maps of your proposed CIP program, and communicate its value to the public.

Enhance Your Presentations

Go beyond passive PowerPoint slides by incorporating interactive, GIS-based mapping into your presentation that encourages exploration and discussion with audience members.

Content & Data Syndication

Boost public engagement for important but traditionally low visibility initiatives such as CIP planning & budgeting by syndicating your content and data to multiple websites and platforms

Data syndication, the act of publishing the same database on many websites, is generally used for one or more of the following reasons:

  • Monetizing data assets.
  • Generating traffic to your website.
  • Creating brand awareness.
  • Maximizing accessibility of your data.

Cities and public entities are typically interested in the latter: with maximizing accessibility to data, while their content syndication partners would be interested in the former: monetizing data assets and generating “sticky” traffic to their website. This creates an opportunity for a win-win situation for both the public entity and their content syndication partners, who also benefit socially by supporting a public cause.

With CIP Builder, your syndicated data can appear on any website such as the local Chamber of Commerce or portal such as the local newspaper, in an attractive, easy-to-use web interface. All syndications use the same database, making data updates across multiple websites easy and efficient. All your partners’ need to do to embed your data on their website is to copy-and-paste a small segment of code that CIP Builder provides.

Using CIP Builder’s powerful platform, your syndicated database can contain not only text and numbers, but also images and files. You can include ad-hoc searches, data drill-downs, and even syndicated submission forms.

Industry-leading Technologies

Enjoy peace of mind knowing that our software is built using industry-leading technologies

AWS Infrastracture

CIP Builder runs on Amazon Web Services (AWS), which is built on the most advanced technologies available, offering the absolute best in security, reliability and scalability for total peace of mind.

Enterprise Database

CIP Builder’s data-layer uses Microsoft SQL Server for optimal performance & security. It also means that your existing data can be extracted in many formats, including as Excel and CSV files.

MS Office Plug-ins

CIP Builder offers plugs-in for Microsoft Access & Excel that, once configured, can automatically download data to a client’s desktop and keep it refreshed for advanced analysis, or to leverage previous efforts.


For advanced customization, CIP Builder offers secure RESTful APIs that can be used to programmatically access all the data stored in CIP Builder for integration with other systems.

DataHub - Data Exchange Service

With DataHub information from ERP systems can be pulled-into CIP Builder automatically on a pre-defined schedule, using cloud services such as Dropbox or Google Drive as an intermediary.

Single Sign-On Capability

If required, CIP Builder can be configured to use corporate directory services such as Active Directory or other SAML ID providers for Single Sign-On capabilities.

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The new web-based software program [CIP Builder] radically changed the way we budget CIPs, review applications, and generate reports, for which many in the organization are very grateful!
Rod Gould City Manager (2010 - 2015)
City of Santa Monica, CA
As the former Public Works Director for the cities of Hermosa Beach and San Juan Capistrano, I certainly believe there is a need for a product like CIP Builder to simplify & enhance the CIP development process in many cities.
Ami Amirani Principal, CivilSource, Inc.

A brief visual tour of CIP Builder

CIP Builder Pricing Plans

We have a plan that is appropriate and affordable for cities and agencies of any size!

  • This is our basic plan that includes the following:
  • Standard CIP Application Form
  • Standard Dashboards
  • Basic Online Reporting
  • Unlimited User Accounts
  • Administration Section
  • This is our most affordable plan, making it possible for any City or public agency to implement CIP Builder and begin reaping the benefits of this modern, powerful, user-friendly system to develop their CIP plan and budget. It can be easily upgraded to the Intermediate or Advanced plan at any time.
Let's Start Here!
  • Includes all the features of the Basic and Intermediate Plans plus the following powerful capabilities:
  • Enhanced Graphing & Reporting (Tableau-based)
  • GIS-based Story Map of proposed CIP
  • "State of the CIP" mobile app for public access
  • Data Syndication to boost public engagement
  • Link to enterprise data (based on API availability from data-provider)
  • This is our most popular plan because it includes powerful, user-friendly features that most constituents would like to see from their government officials, thereby greatly enhancing a city's or agency's public reputation.
Awesome, Let's Go!
  • Our Intermediate Plan includes all the features under the Basic Plan plus the following:
  • Custom CIP Application Form
  • Custom Developed Dashboards
  • Custom Online Reports (5 max).
  • MS Excel Compatible Downloadable Data
  • Initial Consultation Meeting
  • Full Onboarding Assistance
  • Cities and agencies typically choose the Intermediate Plan if they know they need additional or custom dashboards and reports but are not sure if they require the features under the Advanced Plan. It can be upgraded to the Advanced Plan at any time.
Sounds Good, I'm In!